Ana Carolina Martins


Ana Carolina Martins is Brazilian and was raised in São Paulo. Curiosity was the first thing she felt when she was born, and this was followed by an awareness of her own existence as a human being.

At age 15, she started working as a stage actress in order to live more lives and different ways of existing in the world.

She studied contemporary dance, improvisation, dance for theater with the company Nova Dança, and vocal technique with Madalena Bernardes. She studied Portuguese Philology and Linguistics (USP – Universidade de São Paulo) to investigate into the human need to communicate.

In Buenos Aires she taught Oral Narrative with Vivi Garcia. When she returned to São Paulo she became a part of a research center on the creative actor (CEPECA – USP). Here she wrote the article O ator que tece and her first play “Era uma vez …uma vida perfeita”.

At the same time, she founded the Don Blasfemia group, putting on various performances for the town hall, with a combination of theater, music and oral narrative for young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods. She moved to Spain 8 years ago to form her family.

In Madrid, she was awarded a scholarship from the Cuarta Pared group to research Más Allá de las Palabras (Beyond Words), where actors from different countries interact in their mother tongue; a mini Babel.

This research gave rise to the work Transit, directed by Marcelo Diaz and presented at various festivals throughout the country. She also performed professionally with works of her own creation at the Micro Teatro and at the Casa do Brasil with adaptations of Brazilian stories. In Madrid, she did a Master’s degree in Speech Therapy (ISEP) to deepen her knowledge of language development and voice care.

She currently lives in São Paulo, having returned to the performing research center (CEPECA) and is working on artistic projects in the field of acting, drama and oral narrative together with the group Luau Cultura.