From the day we're born we search for happiness outside ourselves without realizing that it comes with us throughout our journey”


A musical for the senses


Ishaluna, a musical by ELLE productions, portrays what is happening around the world right now.

We believe that feeling united, complete and aware is the basis for balancing social inequality and for building a better world.

Ishaluna is a musical for the senses. It's about hearing, touching, tasting, seeing, smelling...and feeling.



What world you want to live in?

Ishaluna promotes gender equality, tolerance and diversity as well as the different human life stages.

If we do not respect all human beings, we lose out on a part of life and on the contributions that these people can make to society.



when you OPEN YOUR HEART the shows begins

We're living an amazing feminine empowerment movement and our musical aims to balance the feminine and masculine energies which will allow our society to live in a better world. 





Ishaluna has a transformative power and its positive view makes it an example of cooperation, determination and fulfillment of dreams, all of which we transmit to the audience creating a network of smiles around the world.



ELLE is a production company which creates unique shows and experiences.

It is committed to offering quality shows with a high social content.

Our goal is to entertain and inspire the audience in a way no show has done it before.

We are currently working on Ishaluna, an international multidisciplinary musical that will transform the audience, stimulating all their senses and allowing them to live the experience as if it were their own personal adventure.

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